Mon Asks, The LORD Answers

Everyday Mon felt being in the arena where he had to make a great effort to wiggle and move away to escape financial difficulty that tries to grapple him down. Every thought of tomorrow triggers anxiety and a fearful feeling of the unknown.

How could I feed my family? Where shall I get money to buy food so my beloved wife won’t starve, or my four handsome and beautiful children don’t go to school with empty stomach? The Meralco and Maynilad bills keep on filing up and the thought of the electricity and water being cut off were so stressful. It was a chasing game where a lot of times he finishes second only in the race. Disconnections get to the finish line first before he reaches it. Empty plates pass dining time before he could fill it.

Mon had in mind all the good things he wanted for his family. But there have been a lot of them now that he cannot hold back. And he felt he was going against the currents of good life. Jaz, his eldest daughter, was taking her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at—. As a student in this line of studies the financial demands are overwhelming. He cannot afford his daughter to come home in tears for not being able to take an exam because of unsettled financial account. But he could not control the situation but to feel the pain as he saw his eldest daughter coming home in tears—missing the exam for not being able to secure the permit. At another time, he almost lost his mind when, upon arriving home, he found all his children outside the house padlocked by the owner because he could not pay the rental. They were not allowed to get in again that they were forced to take temporary shelter in a certain room of a ‘brother in faith’s house where they were instructed to vacate within twenty-four hours. And within 24 hours they did, and transferred to a one-room house where he, his wife, and his four children, were just occupying the living area because they were just living with the renter who of course were the ones sleeping at the room.

Life had been so hard, and so great was the financial challenges. How could he meet them? Where can he find the answer to his problems? Is there still hope? Will the sun still rise in the morning?

Then he remembered his own Heavenly Father, a loving and merciful God whom he has been serving for a long time. Moses the Patriarch testifies,

“The LORD will bless you and keep you safe in His hands. He will make his face shine on you and be gracious unto you. He will turn His face toward you, and will fill your mind with peace” (Numbers 6:24).

“The Lord will grant you abundant prosperity. He is ready to open heaven’s abundant resources and credit a lot in favor of your account, and He will make you a leader and not just a follower” Deuteronomy 28:8-13).

What a Heavenly Father God does Mon have!

“The silver is mine, and the gold is mine,” the LORD declared (Haggai 2:8). And King David confirms, “The earth and everything on it belong to the LORD. The world and its people belong to Him” (Psalm 24:1). Yes, He owns the world’s resources. And not only that He is a wealthy God, He is also a generous Heavenly Father. “I am the one,” He declared, “who gives power to get wealth” (Deuteronomy 8:18).

King David testifies, “I asked the LORD for help, and he saved me from all my fears. Keep your eyes on the LORD! You will shine like the sun and never blush in shame.”

And so at a time of extreme despair and anxiety, at his lowest ebb in life, Mon dropped on his knees, humbled himself before the Supreme Being who, in answer to his earnest prayer, finally gave Him The Power to get wealth in His time.

To drop on our knees with great humility is to recognize the power of the Omnipotent God who is very much willing to bestow His blessings to those who would earnestly ask for them.

No matter how hard life was for Mon and his family, yet he did not lose any hope. He still believed in God, His loving Heavenly Father. He felt his friends deserted him, but he never felt forsaken by His Heavenly Friend. His promises were a source of comfort to him.

“I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

“They that hope upon the LORD shall renew their strength. They shall mount their wings like eagles, they shall run and not be weary, and they shall walk and not be faint.”

Mon has asked of God and he believed He has something in store for him. And so, from company to company, he worked hard to earn a living. He was always seeking for God’s answer to his prayers. He also delivered water to condo units earning a few pesos per jug. But still he could hardly make both ends meet. “Naisip kong mag-artista nalang upang maitawid ko sa gutom ang aking pamilya (I even thought of becoming a movie actor just to survive),” Mon cracked in one of his personal testimonies in public.

The Golden Opportunity

One day, Mon was bound for home and never expected that it could be a red-letter day for him. The sun was shining so brightly. But the physical powers of the sun could not penetrate the dark alleys of Mon’s mind as he was walking back to his home to see his children probably taking some rest by now in that crowded living room. He never thought that at that day his life will change. Suddenly, his cellphone rang. “Hello?” Mon answered in a low voice. “Hello Bro!” a familiar voice spoke with excitement from the other line.

“I would like to invite you to attend a business opportunity meeting tonight. There are good products that will be presented, good products for your wife ailment. You should be coming…”

A few hours later, they were already in a Taxi bound to Ortigas Business District. Could this be God’s answer to His prayers? Could this be God’s given opportunity for Him to become a blessing to others as what he’d been praying for? Yes, he had not just been praying for himself to be taken off from poverty but all along he had been thinking of helping others take off with him.

“LORD, give me the chance…”

“Good morning!”

Good morning? It was a very surprising greeting from the presiding leader of that evening meeting. Later, Mon knew that it was customary for the leaders of that company who brought to him the opportunity to greet others with a pleasant “Good morning!” any time of the day. Mon realized that that saying “Good morning!” even at evening time means that no matter how your life has been darkened by financial hardship, there’s still hope of a new dawn coming. And it happened! After that night, Mon was never the same again.

The Pivotal Point

It was a promising day. Seated on a cold bench at the reception area of the Manila Sanitarium and Hospital, Mon was holding a few pieces of flyers. Although he was just a beginner in the field of network marketing, yet he had the courage and determination of a successful businessman. He is the owner of the new business. He is in control. He is the boss.

Determined to make his first deal, Mon left his seat and started to roam around while looking for a good timing to approach someone. All people seem to be very busy going to and fro. But in a moment, as he directed his sharp eyes through a certain section of the hospital, he saw a woman in her 50’s walking slowly. Her steps seem so heavy, and her face radiates nothing of cheer but loneliness and despair. A spark of courage lifted Mon spirit and he approached the woman. With enthusiasm Mon showed his flyers to the woman who got interested of what he presented. And she asked, “Where’s your office?”

On that very night, Mon went to the office with his first guest. The woman listened with much interest to the presentations. After the session, however, the woman—his very first prospect!—simply bid good bye to Mon.

What happened? The presentation was excellent. The products were unbeatable in quality. The marketing plan was superb. But what happened? Mon wondered in disbelief. May be she’s not convinced. Maybe she has no money. Maybe…

The Electrifying Call

Very early in the morning, Mon received a phone call. “Hello, good morning. May I help you?” “Hello, this is Aling Lucia.” Upon hearing her name Mon got a morning lift. A spark of hope emerged in his heart, “Ah, yes ma’am, how are you?” Mon replied with eagerness. “Can you deliver one set of C-24/7?” Mon seemed to be dumbfounded for a moment. Was he dreaming? Of course he wasn’t. It was a call, a real call. Breaking his moments of silence the woman continued, “I mean, I am signing up for the business package!” Mon was trembling inside. His inner man was shouting, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” He was so excited for his first sale. He could not restrain his feelings that she told his wife immediately.

Mon woke up early and prepared himself to meet his big day. He picked up the payment of the global package and made his first transaction in the office in behalf of Aling Lucia. Then, with eagerness, Mon looked at his webpage to check whether his earning from that sale is credited. Wow, it’s there! He’s got the Referral Bonus of P500!

Very early on the next day, Mon and Beth rushed to a nearby ATM and tried to withdraw his first earning. And Wow! It’s really true! What he saw in his personal website indicating his earning online was really true. And they were now holding that hot cash!

The couple then went to buy a few kilos of rice and some viand. They were greatly rejoicing their first income! But that was just their new beginnings. Another followed that initial withdrawal. And another followed. And another one! Not only hundreds but thousands!

And as days passed, they were already earning big! A few kilos of rice and some viands were no longer a day after day chasing game for Mon and Beth. And, as he dreamed for it, Mon’s family now live in a decent and beautiful house in the heart of Ortigas. Their top-of-the-line cars give them convenience as they do their business, enjoy family time, and go to church for worship. Their ATM account has become unto them a fountain of wealth springing up into a vibrant life of financial wellness. The blessings of the LORD have been overflowing.

The Inspiration

As Mon appears in business opportunity meetings, he never fails to mention the words of the owners that inspired him.

“Hindi ko makalimutan ang sinabi ng ating President na si Dr. Ed Cabantug.

“Wala akong pakialam kung saan kayo nanggaling; sa Alabang Village o sa ano mang gilids. Basta gawin niyo lang ng tama ang negosyong ito, tiyak na mababago ang buhay niyo. Gawin niyo lang ng tama ang negosyong ito, at sa ating mga pangarap magkikitakita tayo.’

“Nang marinig ko ang mga salitang itong bumaon sa puso ko, nasabi ko sa sarili ko, may pag-asa dito sa kompanyang ito.”

“At sabi ni VP-Marketing John Aspirin sa kanyang helper,

‘Marlyn, pakilinis ng sasakyan.’ Sagot ng kanyang helper, ‘Sir, alin sa mga sasakyan mo ang lilinisin ko?’

“Dahil dito nakita ko ang panibagong pananaw sa buhay.”

“At sa narinig kong kuwento ni VP-Finance Francis Miguel, naisipan kong gagawin ko ng tama ang negosyong ito. Kuwento ni VP Miguel:

“May isang taong ang negosyo niya ay ang magpagawa ng mga bahay. Sa kanyang pagnenegosyo sa matagal na panahon, isa sa kanyang mga karpentero ay lumapit sa kanya at nagsabi, ‘Sir gusto ko nang magretire. Kung napansin mo, ako ang pinakamatanda dito at ako rin ang mas matagal nang nanilbihan simula pa sa inyong ama.’ Sabi ng kanayang amo, ‘Bumalik ka rito bukas ng umaga at pag-usapan natin ang pagretiro mo.’ Kinabukasan, bumalik ang karpentero at sinabi ng kanyang amo, ‘Bago ka po magretire gusto kong igawa mo muna ako ng isa pang bahay. At iyon na ang last project mo.”

Matapos ang ilang araw, bumalik ang karpentero at nagreport na tapos na ang proyekto. Sabi ng kanyang amo, ‘Okay, libre ka na simula sa araw na ito. Ito ung perang pabaon ko sa iyo. At bukod diyan, mayron akong surpresa para sa iyo. Iyong bahay na ipinagawa ko sa iyo ay regalo ko iyon sa iyo bilang pagkilala ng iyong katapatan sa mahabang panahon.’ Sa halip na matuwa ang karpentero, siya ay nalungkot dahil hindi niya ginawa ng tama ang bahay na para sa kanya pala.

“Isipin mo na ang negosyong ito ay bahay mo. Kaya gawin mong tama ang negosyo dahil ito na ang mapapabago sa buhay mo at ng buong pamilya mo.”

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