In 2008, Mr. Ramon Alburo felt the need to strengthen his downline organization so they will be strongly established with real hope and a future.  He felt that they have to be strengthened, inspired, and motivated to become a big family of millionaires who are happy and service-oriented entrepreneurs.

Ramon consulted his able leaders who then shared his concerns.
After a series of consultations, these leaders met and agreed to name the group.  Several names were suggested and deliberated.  One of Ramon’s leaders who was a Chinese businessman suggested the name “dragon”.
He stressed that in the Chinese culture, a water dragon signifies good luck, good health, and wealth.  In short, “dragon” is a symbol of prosperity.
After some discussions and sharing of ideas, the group decided to name the group according to the significance of the water dragon.  It was also brought out, that lest their move be construed as a defection from the AIM 1 Group unto which Ramon and his downline organization are members, the group also decided to bring with them the name AIM 1 and just added unto it the name Dragon.  And so AIM 1 Dragon was born.

And with the all-out support of Ramon’s beloved family members, together with its forceful leaders, AIM 1 Dragon grew larger and larger.

Today, the group operates with teamwork, unity, and collaboration, looking forward to 2018 when among the group a sterling class of 100 millionaires will stand out as the rest will continually strive with great dedication and commitment to follow their footsteps and achieve the same.

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